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Merkurmagic Online Experience in the Gambling Industry in Spain

General Natural Law United (GNLU) and the Lexi-Education Corp. (LEC) combined their staff, intellect, and decades of experiences to create the GNLU-LEC. We are a team of dedicated collaborators. Among us our numerous lawyers and advocated who aim to make understanding law easier and more accessible for business entities everywhere.

We frequently receive queries about the gambling industry and the respective laws in Spain. Spain has always had a bustling wagering market, but the Spanish Gambling Act of 2012 made some significant changes to its operation. Read on to see how Merkurmagic Online casino has adhered to these guidelines.

Spanish Law Regarding Online Gambling

Spain has a rich history regarding betting and gambling. Casinos have been an important source of entertainment for the Spanish for decades. When more business began offering their games online, it made sense that the country saw a rush of sites that were eager for business.

As such, the Spanish Gambling Act was passed in 2012 to clarify the law. Spain is comprised of 17 autonomous zones, but this unifying law set forth the same stipulations for each district. It defined the games that aren’t allowed, how lotteries are conducted and set up rules for licensing and domains.

Luckily for Spaniard bettors, there are very few restrictions on the types of games available. Bingo isn’t permitted for play within the country and neither is sports betting. Though some gamblers were disappointed, there are still plenty of exciting games available.

It also clarified that all lotteries had to pay a portion of their profit to the ONCE charity. All paper lotteries have been held to this rule for years. It made sense to apply the same statue to online lotteries as well.

Lastly, the law stipulates that only websites with Spanish domains and licenses are allowed to operate within the country. All the top online casinos, such as Merkurmagic Online, were more than willing to do so. After all, there are plenty of gamblers in Spain who rely on online casinos for entertainment. Local and international betting platforms must create a web address that ends in “.es” and register for a license with Spain

What Does Merkurmagic Online Casino Offer?

Even with these restrictions, the online gambling market has never seen a bigger boom than what is currently being experienced in Spain.

Merkurmagic Casino found it easy and straightforward to obtain the country-specific license, and purchasing an additional domain was a small matter.

Though they can’t offer bingo, they still have plenty of exciting games available that please their consumer base. These include

Slots. Merkurmagic Online provides classic 3- and 5- reel slots, video slots, 3D slots, and progressive jackpot slots. Table Games. The most popular table games are also available, including blackjack and baccarat. Live Dealer. Live casino games are the most immersive experience available in the online gambling industry.

Merkurmagic Online hosts 5 different rooms with distinct styles of live roulette.

Because they’re able to access such a wide array of consumers, Merkurmagic Online Casino can offer great welcome bonuses and promotions. Their welcome promo features a match deposit bonus, up to €150, plus 100 free spins. They also offer live dealer specials and extra promotions on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.


As you can see, there’s no trouble in following the online gambling laws in Spain. The Gambling Act of 2012 made the rules completely clear. Companies who follow them have found nothing but success and profit in their ventures.