Lexi-Education Corp.

The Lexi-Education Corp. (LEC) is a newly developed company with a mission to help find and direct funding to higher education needs.  These funds are used to build new schools and provide teaching materials for higher learning in regions that struggle.  The demands for a higher education continues to expand, while the funds to build schools, for quality educational materials, and qualified teaching staff is shrinking daily.  The advancements in the world have changed our societies and the necessary jobs within communities in a variety of ways.

Society has changed from a labor-based to a technological-based workforce.  This swing has created the need for higher education in the majority of jobs in the market.  Historically, little or no education was necessary for employment because many would enter into apprenticeships that would lead to the knowledge, training, and experience required to become an expert.  For example, at one time an individual could become an engineer with a 4th-grade education, an internship, and experience.  Today, a higher education is necessary for an engineer.

This change in higher education needs has also created a perpetuating spiral upwards for even higher education.  There was a time that a bachelor’s level degree was more than sufficient, but today, it only shows the individual attended four years of college successfully.  In order to specialize, a masters or doctorate is necessary to be competitive in the job market.  The push for higher education has also created a logistics problem in being able to provide the education to more students because funding continues to be cut for higher education.  The less funding students receive, the less money there is for the school, which drives the cost of a higher education up.  It also limits the amount of funds available for learning materials and educators for that college.

Some rural and urban areas struggle to provide basic educational needs and to provide schools, materials, and instructors for higher educational needs.  The LEC group’s purpose it to help locate funds to help build up higher education in these struggling areas.  They are expert at locating funding sources that can be used for the buildings, teachers, or materials necessary.  Join us to help provide the level of education needed for the up and coming workforce.