Learning through Experience

Sharing experiences is a great way to learn from one another, especially some of the struggles advocacy groups have managed.  For example, sharing how environmental advocate groups struggled to fight in court without lawyers on their side and the outcomes.  Or sharing an educational advocate group’s experience of attempting to locate funding to open new schools or funding for advanced teaching materials that ended with a wasted effort.  For each struggle down a rough road, lessons are learned that can be shared to make it easier or have a better outcome for the next person.

Having lawyers with common interests being part of the conference group is an asset to everyone involved.  They can provide information to help advocate groups improve their approach to social and environmental issues in a legal way to improve the chances for a positive outcome.  Lawyers that understand the complex legal issues surrounding environmental, social, resource usage and commercial issues can help identify and minimize potential liability issues.  Lawyers at the conference will be available to share information, experiences, and provide some pro bono legal advice and to teach others how to fight social issues in court effectively.