GNLU-LEC Legal Conference

GNLU and LEC are committed to connecting people in a conference setting that will rejuvenate and re-energize everyone in their efforts.  It is our hope that by attending the conference, it will help bring renewed focus and revitalize everyone’s overall determination to bring about social and environmental change.  There will be several opportunities to build new relationships with others that have the same interests, concerns, and passion for causes and change.  We hope you join us!

General Natural Law Unit

The General Natural Law Unit (GNLU) is a newly formed company with a mission to provide legal assistance to social and environmental advocates with causes created to create change and protect our world.  We are a group of lawyers that came together with a shared passion for protecting our environment.  As a legal group, we are dedicated to supporting environmental groups in their efforts through a variety of ways.  The GNLU group has the experience to help the world be a better place for everyone.

We understand the struggles environmental advocates have in fighting to maintain and keep the world’s water, air, land, natural resources, and animals safe and clean for everyone.  We have the expert legal knowledge, experience, and passion for helping advocates advance their efforts to create greater change and bring about more positive outcomes for their efforts.  We share in the desire to maintain our environment for healthy human life and civility.


The GNLU group is enthusiastic about teaching advocates how to fight for green initiatives in court, rather than going it alone without legal assistance.  We will provide training, pro bono legal advice, and lawyers to attend court with advocates when necessary.  When advocates bring their passion for a social or environmental issue, and we bring the legal expertise to help navigate through the complex legal system, together we can create a force for development.  Change can take place through company policy and procedure or Federal and State regulations and policy.

As a group of lawyers, we aim to provide ongoing support to help advocates achieve social goals.  We are here to provide consultation to those advocacy groups that would most benefit from our legal experts.  We are here to help navigate through environmental laws and regulations as we work together to minimize the impact of human activities have on our environment.  We can help with environmental litigation, environmental regulations, and policy.