Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can we bring change through connections?

By connecting lawyers and advocates together we can change the platform of sharing at a very quick rate. The advocates can exchange their ideas with the whole community at once which will be a beneficial program for the other new advocates. The promotion of community actions will excel at a quick rate and the essential policies will be created regarding public interest.

2. How is experience beneficial?

We share our experiences to learn from one another and it becomes easier for the new advocates to take note of it and adhere to it so that they don’t make the same mistake which has already been done. Having lawyers who share common thinking can be beneficial as the other person can be understood much. Experienced lawyers can be a very good source of advice to everyone present because sharing their experience would be a great help to improve the new advocates to improve their approach to new problems and replace it with the older methods.

3. Why is collaboration important?

By bringing people who share the same thought process tends to expand the collaboration partnerships which further contributes to effectively innovating each other. The ideas shared by individuals can be beneficial to some extent as their solution might act as an add-on for the problem to bigger solutions. By collaborating we make connections with the people having the same base of the idea, it will implement ideas more effective and working. new solutions can be created in very less time and also the ideas will be collectively believed by the people.

4. What is the main aim of collaboration?

Collaboration through conference has several goals, but the main aim is to bring advocates together so that they can express their personal views and advice which may be beneficial in the field of diverse communities, economic status and educational background all over the world. The different lines of communication increase the mutual understanding between the whole groups. The exchange of ideas, debates, and workshops can be a potential widespread change.