Change through Connections

Connecting lawyers and advocates in one place to share information can help in a variety of ways.  Environmental advocates can exchange ideas and collaborate in a unified effort to help the human race coexist within the plant’s ecological system in a more sustainable way.  They can gain information and gather different perspectives on how to approach their environmental efforts in new ways with ideas and information from a legal point of view.  These changes can help promote community actions and the promotion of essential policies created in the public’s interest.  Our lawyers will be an active part of the conference to discuss social and environmental topics with advocates and as speakers for the workshops.

Bringing together educational advocate groups that are struggling to gain funding to promote higher education in troubled areas or to open new schools where needed will bring benefits.  They can share their struggles and find new approaches to old problems.  By each group sharing information, they will be able to find new and creative ways to collaborate to effect greater change.  They will be able to share funding ideas and resources to locate necessary financing or create new fund sources through this gathering.  Collaboration is key to the success of bringing more money to the table for higher educational needs.  In today’s world, the demands for higher education are increasing all the time, yet not enough resources to address the need.

No matter what the social, environmental, or educational issue is, there is always strength in numbers.  The more everyone communicates and works together, the more we can influence others and perpetuate effective change around the world.  Together, we will always add up to a greater amount of change.