About us

Both the General Natural Law United (GNLU) and the Lexi-Education Corp. (LEC) have recently combined their respective forces to create a kind of a legal conference that will help to connect advocates and lawyers in one place. The unique idea and opportunity will fill up the gaps in communication and remove all the barriers of collaboration by allowing the advocates and lawyers to open the conference globally via e-conference virtual attendance. This type of conference is mainly designed to bring both educational advocates and the environment altogether with lawyers for sharing ideas and important information and to learn from them as a whole while being seated at home and connecting themselves from around the world.

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Benefits of the Conference

The connection of people through conference has several goals behind it, the main objective is to bring the lawyers and advocates together from different fields of communities, socio-economic classes and environmental background from all over the world. One of the major reasons for introducing conference calls was to make lines of communication easy by increasing coordination and collaboration along with mutual support of one another. With the idea of exchanging ideas, having debates and introducing workshops we help in the widespread knowledge regardless of our differences.

Experience Helps to Learn

We share experiences in a very secure and great way, there are examples of how some of the struggles advocacy groups have tended to manage. One of the incidence share how some of the educational advocate groups which a vast experience in the field had tried to fund newly opened schools and also to provide advanced materials which ended up being a total waste. The educational advocate struggled to fight in court without a lawyer knowing the outcomes which were depicted to be worse.

Each struggle acts as a lesson to learn that can be shared with other people to bring into their notice so that they avoid making the same mistake that has been done before. Having lawyers who have already been through all of it and have vast experience with it can be a part of the conference group as an advisor so that everybody else could attain more knowledge.

They can provide details and information to the advocates so that it may help improve their approach to social as well as environmental issues in a very legal way so that the chances of positive outcome increases. Liability issues can be reduced by employing lawyers that have an idea about complex legal issues and commercial issues that can be identified easily and taken under consideration. 

Lawyers present during the conference call will be able to share their ideas and important information required for the wellness of the firm, they will also help to provide some of the important legal advice and teach the advocates about how to fight social issues in court without struggling.

All-round collaboration

Innovation can only be achieved by bringing people to share common traits and interest allows expanding collaboration and have good partnerships with each other. When an individual employer is given a chance to share his ideas, he/she ends up solving or providing details regarding the problems which contribute as a small part of the bigger solution. Something fresh and creative can always be formulated so that collaboration is made and new ideas are invented which are somehow related to the bigger solutions.

Collaboration with each other can also result in bringing similar ideas which may be beneficial because those ideas move forward collectively and are believed by every other person present with doubts which are most likely to be cleared. The implementation of great ideas moves forward with the help of better collaboration. Therefore, the conference is designed at the same level of collaboration between people all over the world.