A special casino case

As we are sponsored by some gambling companies, we sometimes represent them in their casino suits. A while ago we did assist one of them, let’s call them Casino X, with a special casino problem case concerning casino no deposit bonuses. In case you are not familiar with online gambling, a no deposit bonus is a bonus that a casino offers to its players, merely for signing up. No deposit need to be made for it. These bonuses usually consist of 15 free spins or €15 play money. If the players ends up winning any money, he needs to wager it before he can withdraw it from his casino account.

No deposits necessary in this casino

The player who went after Casino X after receiving one of its casino no deposit bonuses, was very unhappy. However, the reason for this might shock you. Player Y, as we call him, had chosen one of the casino no deposit bonuses that Casino X was offering at the time he joined. This bonus consisted of €15 of free play money. Player Y used this bonus money and turned it into €100 at the casino. After that, he got 30 days to wager the €100 25 times and he ended up with even more money. In the end he had a total balance of €500 at the casino without having deposited a dime. Sounds great, right? Not to casino Player Y.

The nightmares

The problem was that casino Player Y was convinced that Casino X was playing tricks on him. He said it kept him up all night trying to figure out what exactly it was that the casino wanted from him. After contacting the casino’s customer support team over a dozen times and each time hearing that the €500 were his to keep, he only got more paranoid. Luckily for Casino X, the ruler had a mental evaluation done and dismissed the case as Player Y seemed to be suffering from paranoia and wasn’t taking his medication.

Other peculiar cases

Another case in which a casino was taken to the big house by players, might not have been as strange as the one with Player Y, but it didn’t stand a chance none the less. In this case, a casino player started playing at a casino and lost all of his life savings, including his house where he lived with his wife and 3 children. He tried to blame the casino, that could prove that the support team had reached out to the player on many occasions. The goal was to get the player to set a limit for himself, but he did not respond to any of the casino’s calls or emails. Once the problem escalated, he tried to get his money back in court which obviously did not work out for him. However, we hope this casino player got his life back together.

Online casinos are quite new

The stories above both have quite obvious results, but that’s not always the case. As online gaming is pretty new and not yet regulated in all territories, problems may arise. There’s not always a clear answer for these new casino issues and in some cases, the big room might be the only option. Then there is still another problem and that is the question of which law is binding. Imagine if you have an NL player and a GB casino, both parties need to agree on the applicable rules. Even though most of the times, casinos state this in their terms and conditions.